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We are the leading powder coaters on aluminum sections. Being located at heart of Madhya Pradesh - Indore. With technologies and our products being innovated consistently, we are in unique position to tailor our products to our customer needs. In addition, we have developed state of art technologies in powder coating which in turn significantly benefits our customers.

We firmly believe that quality, service and research are the real value for money. We have set high standards for quality for all our finished products. Each batch of product is thoroughly tested before leaving our factory premises. The desired quality, measured by the thickness of coating is 60-80 microns. We are committed to provide quality service and strive for continuous innovation.

Talking of innovation, we are proud to announce unique system of decorative powder coating –


About Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advance method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products. One of the major applications is on aluminium sections. It is most economical, long lasting and more resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and wearing as compared to other colouring options. The choice of colours is virtually unlimited with a variety of textures like glossy, semi glossy, metallic and clear finishes. Colours stay vibrant and bright, thanks to process which ensures the finest of quality. The latest development is the wooden textured powder coating as described in the above sections.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. The aluminium surface is thoroughly cleaned and chemically treated to remove all the dust and impurities. Secondly the dry powder is electrically charged and sprayed on the electrically grounded aluminium sections. This ensures that the powder is uniformly applied, maintaining the desired thickness of coating. Finally the sections are baked at 200 °C in a fully automatic furnace to melt the powder and fuse into a hard, smooth, uniform and attractive finish. The product is ready to be used for doors, windows, partitions and many others.

Wooden Texture
Powder Coating

This newest technology gives builders, architects & interior designers capacity to provide the impression of being of real wood on Aluminium. The structural properties of aluminium and the aesthetics of Powder Coating combined is a perfect replacement wooden components. The wood grain finish aluminium is so realistic that it’s almost undistinguishable from real wood, even from a close visual inspection!

Wooden finish coating to aluminium doors and windows: It is great replacement to expensive wood windows; also aluminium windows offer variety of colours from wood finishes available with us. We match our products with natural wood with variation in colour, grain density and grain pattern to replicate the variation that would be expected in wood. As with real wood there is no repeat of the pattern and no two pieces will ever be the same.

Process: During the process of coating, the wood grains are engraved 30 microns inside the PU based coating which is baked at 250 °C to achieve the required hardness. As a result, the wooden coating cannot be removed by normal rubbing, chipping or scratching. Maintenance free, Easy to operate & Termite proof are only some of the qualities to add up to the list!

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